Diane Briscoe Knight

Diane Knight


Looking for a seasoned broadcast producer or digital project manager? Someone with client-facing experience to deliver a quality product, on time and on budget? You've come to the right site!

I have years of experience producing spots for Y&R, Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA\Chiat\Day and other global agencies on automotive, packaged goods and fast food clients. Time in the trenches paid off in great friendships and a decent reel. Some of my favorite spots, digital content and the stories behind the work are on this site ... enjoy!

Recently, I've expanded my digital knowledge, by providing account and project management for website re-designs, online advertising and email marketing on a freelance basis.

If your project has no budget, no time or both – call me. I love a challenge. I’m flexible, resourceful and creative. I enjoy wearing many hats and solving problems without throwing money around. Of course, if your project has a decent budget, I'll make sure it shows up on the screen.

Want proof? Check out the references below. Or ask any creative I’ve worked with, they’ll say – “Diane Gets It.” Take a poll of producers, the ones I’ve worked for or mentored – they’ll tell you “Count on Diane to get it done right.” Account managers know I watch their backs and the bottom line. Clients feel confident and at ease.

My revised site will be posted soon with examples of websites, online ads and email campaigns.

Give me a call and let me take the tough cases off your plate.

I look forward to working with you!



from LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dianebriscoeknight

“Diane is a take charge kind of gal who tackles any project with creativity and a smile. She’s a great negotiator with sharp producing skills – works hard for both the client and the creative. I highly recommend her for any company looking for someone who can negotiate the heck out of anything.” October 24, 2009
Tricia Kovack , Senior Broadcast Producer , Young & Rubicam - Irvine
worked indirectly for Diane at Y&R


“If I had to sum up Diane in a word, it would be Tenacious. If I could add another word, it would be Buttoned-up (or is that two more words? I’m not clear on the hyphen rule). Suffice it to say, Diane is a helluva producer. She gets things done. She looks out for the creative team. She’s responsible with her clients’ money, yet fair to production partners. And she actually understands and appreciates good work. Since I’ve exceeded my one-word summation, I may as well add Cool, Unique and Funny. You have my word.” June 20, 2008
Robert Manley , Sr. Copywriter, TBWA/Chiat/Day
worked directly with Diane at TBWA Chiat Day


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diane at Y&R. She is a resourceful, dedicated, extremely diligent professional and always focused. She’s got a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with, even when faced with tight deadlines and the demands of working in this fast-paced industry. We produced a major campaign for Lincoln, which had only a “minor” budget. Some of those spots ended up on prominent DP demo reels! She made sure production values and creative concepts were not compromised in the slightest. Diane is very creative in her thinking and she makes it easy to understand her ideas and solutions. I highly recommend her, and truly respect her.” June 1, 2010
Alan Torreano , VP/Associate Creative Director , Y&R Brands
worked directly with Diane at Young & Rubicam Brands


“Diane and I have worked together as colleagues at the same agency and Diane has also been a trusted creative resource at my current agency. She brings a true passion for her work – passion that is matched with years of experience and a real commitment to detail. Diane is a true pro, and, not only do I recommend her to others, I look forward to working with her again in the future.” November 2, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Samuel Kirshenbaum Creative Director, LKH&S
hired Diane as a Broadcast Producer in 1990, and hired Diane more than once


“Diane is a true industry professional. She knows what she wants and knows how to make it happen. She is direct and to the point, working with her feels great! Her jobs get done on time and on budget, with everyone contributing their best. Yet, in amongst all this hyper efficiency she is funny and sympathetic to the creative process. No writer, art director or visual effects artist could hope for a better advocate to get them what they need to deliver something they can be proud of.” October 31, 2009
Robb Hart , Freelance , OC Post / Stun Gun
reported to Diane at Young & Rubicam Brands


“I can completely hand over a project to Diane and know without hesitation that it will get done beyond my expectations – on time, on budget. She is a full-service professional who is great at anticipating issues and creating new opportunities to excel. I give Diane my goal, and she needs little direction to get us there. I’ve always been happy with her work, and her collaboration.” November 23, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Anne Tolle Waliczek
hired Diane as a Video production and website development in 2007, and hired Diane more than once


“Williams-Labadie has hired Diane twice to manage the production of television spots. Her service and attention to detail was invaluable in each case. She helped our team stay on track and in the end delivered a great product.” October 29, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Susan Fennema
hired Diane as a Producer in 2007, and hired Diane more than once


“Diane brought a premium feel to retail production. We worked together on the Lincoln Mercury Dealer Association creative package, and her efforts to exceed the expected not only in the creative deliverable, but with budget and timing were clearly visible.” May 26, 2010
Amy Jennette , Account management , Y&R Brands
worked with Diane at Young & Rubicam Brands


“Though Diane and I worked together 10 years ago, I still vividly recall her tenacity. To put it simply, she gets things done. Our requests were almost routinely short-notice, out of the ordinary and small budget. Diane was able to deliver on impossible deadlines and worked hard until the job was done. She treats a client’s budget as if it were her own money and her connections in the Chicago area often allowed us to get more than we could normally expect.” June 20, 2008
Jeanne Schad , Senior Account Executive , TBWA\Chiat\Day
worked directly with Diane at TBWA Chiat Day


The Truth About Seasoned Producers …

We can smell budget and scheduling issues prior to receiving a board.
One look at a board and we have 100 questions and 15 solutions before reading the copy, which more often than not, is usually at least 3 seconds too long.
We know when and how to say no. If that doesn’t fly, we march forth and find solutions. No Whining Allowed.
We can have frank conversations with most clients, (we’re older than most of them!) persuading them to part with money or extend deadlines by telling real-life production horror and success stories.
We remember linear editing and compositing on HAL, which taught us patience, now used to educate junior account execs.
Relax. We are the calm before and after the storm. We’ll let you know when to panic.
Seasoned is GOOD.